Oct 182014
Hitler Didi A Zee TV Daily Serial

Hitler Didi has already winded up and its last episode was aired on 2nd August 2013. Here is how the finale of the show concluded.In the first scene it is shown that Munna has come back from the interview. He is not very upbeat thought. In fact, he is rather upset that he has not [...]

Oct 152014
Kahi Unkahi Pakistani Tv Serial

The serial highlights the famous quote “Generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need.” By Khalil Gibran. It shows how pride takes away all that you have and generosity gives you more than what you already have. This was a story written by Naadia Akhter, directed by Asim Ali [...]

Oct 122014
Pavitra Rishta 11th Oct 2014 updates

In the opening scene of the latest episode Teju is talking to Savita and telling her how he feels that Ankita and Ashi are similar to each other in several ways. While Savita doesn’t give any reaction to that, Rushaali is not very happy to hear that. In fact, she is a little annoyed and [...]

Oct 102014
Thakan Indian TV Show

Thakan written by Faiza Iftikhar is a story of a strong woman named Sadaf who believes in achieving her goal by hard work and prayers. She is the only earning member of the family after her father’s death due to which her mother does not want to marry her. She becomes selfish and greedy forgetting [...]

Oct 082014
Rookie Blue:  Season 5 Finale Recap

Rookie Blue has completed its 5 seasons now and the way the Finale happened was definitely something to watch out for.  The finale of season 5 was named as “Everlasting” and it was one of the most eventful episodes of this season.   They producers were planning to divide season 5 in two parts but eventually [...]

Oct 072014
NY Med:  Season 2 Finale Recap

If you missed the finale of NY Med that aired on August 06, 2014 here is the recap of what happened. The finale starts with Robert Campagna who is extremely worried because he is not able to breathe properly lately. He doesn’t have any smoking problems as such but he has something to worry about. [...]

Oct 042014
Elementary:  Season 2 Finale Recap

The season 2 of the contemporary American version of Sherlock Holmes comes to an end with a grand finale. We know that Holmes has started working with the MI-6. It happened because what was considered to be a regular case of homicide turned out to have some major international connections. So the British intelligence agency [...]

Oct 032014
60 Minutes:  Last episode recap

In the latest episode of 60 minutes, one of the convicted Bali Nine smugglers, Scott Rush, narrates his love story with a British banker. As we may already know, nine Australian smugglers were held at the Bali, Indonesia airport carrying heroine worth millions. Many of them were given the death penalty and some of them, [...]