Sep 302014
The Quest: Episode 3 (Saving the Queen)

Something had to be done to save the Queen. All her important people, the Grand Vizier, Ansgar and the paladins were finding out ways to save her and consequently it led to a fight amongst all of them. As the paladins were in a tiff amongst themselves as to who would get to make a [...]

Sep 292014
Bachelor in Paradise:  Season 1, Episode 3

Last night’s resignation as well as elimination was somewhat inspiring but also heartbreaking. But it’s nice to see that the couples are really beginning to bond. Other than this part some of the couples i.e. Chris Bukowski and Elise Mosca proved to America that anybody can find their true love on reality TV. But there [...]

Sep 252014
MASTERCHEF “Top 8 Compete”

The top 8 chefs were divided into pairs and given the task to cook chicken dishes by making use of different parts of the bird.The chefs go to the kitchen with the judges. Daniel starts talking about how he quit his job of video gaming industry to be there followed by Christian talking about the [...]

Sep 242014
Cast of Karamchand Old Doordarshan Serial

Around 80’s and 90’s old Doordarshan with its different shows like Karamchand, Hum log, Buniyaad, Ye Jo ZindagiHain made itself a household name in India. There are certain shows that instantaneouslycome to our mind while we recall of old Doordarshan. Some of those shows include Circus, GulshanGulfam and Nukkad. We can say they were the [...]

Sep 232014
Mr. Yogi and Cast Old Doordarshan serial

Around 15 years back when there was not much popularity of cable television and its programmes, channels like Old Doordarshan and Doordarshan captured that place and won many hearts because of the vast serial collection it had. Doordarshan production had quite a few other channels running along like DD and DD Bharti. The production witnessed popularity in [...]

Sep 232014
Airtel Pocket TV Review:  Better is yet to come!!

Technology is the only change people are excited about.  We wait endlessly for better technology to follow the existing ones.  Television is the most popular form of technology that we experience after mobile phones.  Gone are the days when conventional ways of cable and satellites were the only medium to watch television. Online entertainment is [...]