May 272016
All About Googles Daydream VR (virtual reality)

All About Daydream Googles VR (virtual reality) The world of vision technology has changed a lot in the recent days. There are many people now interested to view their pictures in high quality and because of this fact, there are a number of high definition televisions and viewing devices came into existence. The thrill has gone even a level higher in the past years after the advancement of 3D viewing options in most of the […]

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Apr 052016

Public Provident Funds: A saving scheme that may not cater your retirement needs. Public Provident Fund (PPF) is a savings scheme by the Govt. of India which is a savings scheme for term of 15 years. This savings scheme can be done by any Indian resident above 18 years in his/ her name. For minors, the parent or legal guardian can open and operate the account. But the rule is that a person cannot have […]

Nov 122014
Hello Ladies Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

Hello Ladies had a very short life on the TV. The show was canceled after a total of 8 episodes. To be fair to the fans though, the producers made sure to leave no loose ends and gave a satisfactory ending to the viewers. The show started as a dark comedy, focusing on the lives of Stuart and his friends, roaming around the city in desperate search for love and partnership. It is one of […]

Nov 082014
Secret Life of American Teenager

Secret Life of American Teenager had a good five year run before it finally came to an end. As the graduation day came closer for these high schoolers, they all were reflecting on past memories. This too much reflection of their past covered almost half of the finale episode, leaving little room for actual ending. Unlike what the fans were expecting, the show didn’t have a happy ending for everyone. Most of the characters ended […]

Nov 062014
Where's the Cast of One Life To Live Now

So the cast of the ABC soap One Life To Live has been scattered all around the place ever since the show ended. Here’s a look at what the cast is up to now.Bree Williamson starred as Jessican Buchanan on the hit soap. Today she is in another genre as she is a star on the SyFy series Haven. She stars in the series as psychiatrist Claire Callahan. Amanda Setton was popular for playing the […]

Oct 292014
Where the Stars Of All My Children Are Now

After several decades, the ABC soap All My Children was canned a few years ago. Today the cast has been working on all sorts of different projects.Susan Lucci, who was famous for her role as Erica Kane, has appeared on the Lifetime series Army Wives as the wife of a general. She has also been hosting Deadly Affairs on the Investigation Discovery network. This series is about true love stories that ended up in someone’s […]

Oct 282014
What Is the Cast of Smash Doing Now

The cast of the NBC series Smash has been going around quite a bit ever since the show ended its run in May 2013. While the show was properly wrapped up in an episode that would become its series finale, the cast has been quite active every since the show ended. Debra Messing, who starred as Julia Houston, has been starring in the lead role in the television series the Mysteries of Laura. The show […]

Oct 272014
Badalte Rishton Ki Daastan

Everyone is furious at Asthana for the all the wrongs he has done. But that’s not all the trouble for him. Now even his own people are not with him. He has confessed about his sordid past. In fact, all the female members lash it out on him saying that his wrongs will not be overlooked by god and he will be brought to justice in time. The things have got so bad that even […]

Oct 182014
Hitler Didi A Zee TV Daily Serial

Hitler Didi has already winded up and its last episode was aired on 2nd August 2013. Here is how the finale of the show concluded.In the first scene it is shown that Munna has come back from the interview. He is not very upbeat thought. In fact, he is rather upset that he has not been able to get the job he was seeking. He is extremely frustrated at this more so because he feels […]

Oct 152014
Kahi Unkahi Pakistani Tv Serial

The serial highlights the famous quote “Generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need.” By Khalil Gibran. It shows how pride takes away all that you have and generosity gives you more than what you already have. This was a story written by Naadia Akhter, directed by Asim Ali and featured on Zindagi television channel. The story revolves around two families who are from a high society background and […]