Sep 192014
The days of Malgudi Days Old Doordarshan Serial

Malgudi is a fictional village in south India whose essence is still alive in the hearts of all those who have experienced the charm of that show on Old Doordarshan in the late 80’s and early 90’s. A name which still makes us hum the famous tananana tnae tanenaasong.No matter how ahead we move in [...]

Sep 182014
Old Doordarshan Serial Ramayan

Indian television and its popularity has been the centre of attraction for not only the people of India but also throughout the world. Before cable TV became popular, doordarshan production had an eminent place in the entertainment world.Many serials and programmes aired during that time on all doordarshan channels like DD, DD bharti, old doordarshan [...]

Sep 092014
Dateline:  ‘Into the Wild’ Preview

The upcoming episode of Dateline will feature McKenzie Morgan, a teenager, who survived a plane crash in Wyoming. The plane crash that no one could have survived, she came out almost unscathed. The next episode will be the account of her tryst with destiny and her stroke of luck. It will definitely be an interesting [...]

Sep 042014
Shastri Sisters 3rd September 2014 Episode

Shastri Sisters 3rd September 2014 Episode in detail. Shastriji informs Minty that he has decided to go ahead with supporting Alka’s decision to marry Rajeev. Accordingly, he discusses the matter with Sareen, where upon Sareen informs him that Rajeev has been in town for over a month. All this for Alka, which Sareen feels, the [...]

Sep 032014
Sasural Simar Ka –Sep 3 2014 Update

Sid and Roli inform Karthik that they are from CBI and have come to raid the hospital. They invite Karthik to come outside and face his patients as well as their men. They remove his handcuffs and move out. In the parking lot, Sid threatens to throw Karthik in jail. Karthik offers him money to [...]