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Badalte Rishton Ki Daastan

Everyone is furious at Asthana for the all the wrongs he has done. But that’s not all the trouble for him. Now even his own people are not with him. He has confessed about his sordid past. In fact, all the female members lash it out on him saying that his wrongs will not be overlooked by god and he will be brought to justice in time.

Badalte Rishton Ki Daastan

The things have got so bad that even his own daughters are almost spitting on him saying that they are ashamed that they are his daughters.  But it is not only the daughters, even Uma is furious and says that will he be able to give him back so many years that have been wasted.

However, despite all this, it doesn’t seem that any form of emotional appealing is working on Asthana. Not only is he unmoved, he is also shameless. He says that he will not allow Meera to go back to the asylum. He also adds that he has all the money and all the power and therefore no matter what happens he will come out clean of everything. He says that all the people who are against him at this time will not get any chance to do anything. They will kneel in front of his power and wealth.

While Asthana is about to make a call Agastya pulls out the gun to his face. Asthana gets frightened and everyone else in the room is also shocked to see this. Everyone starts pleading to let him go because god will make him pay it back. They say that Agastya cannot end the evil by committing another crime and playing with the law. Asthana is distraught and somewhat scared too. He can see that no one in his family is taking his side.

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