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Blue Bloods: Season 4 Finale

In the beginning of the fourth season, Jamie along with his partner Eddie tend to face a father who are against the idea of his daughter marrying a foreign man who is interested in marriage for the sole purpose of staying in the United States Of America.

The curtains are drawn with the act of a random suicide of a woman jumping suddenly. The case, on which no investigation was being done as it was thought to be of no weight was opened when it was realised a group of investigators and the District Attorney`s office were involved.

After Danny tends to investigate, he finds out that the victim worked with the Attorney and a sting was set up on her as it was found she promoted a prostitution ring. He asks his sister working in the same office about the incident but in turn her boss, Amanda makes it a point to put Danny off the case alleging that he harassed his sister. Danny is blown away and instead, his father, Frank is handed over the case.

As the case is pushed to Frank, we see how the fondness of the Inspector general of the Police Department, Kelly Peterson is taking a toll on her work and so she resigns handing frank some crucial evidence in a sealed envelope. The evidence pushes Dino Arbogast in the circle of doubt as he was hiding some secrets of his own.

He also had been caught with one of the prostitutes himself on the videotape after which Amanda was said to be blackmailing Dino to push Danny off the case and after this he resigned giving out a formal statement and his resignation to Danny.

Even though Amanda`s intentions were great- the goal wasn`t achieved which was to catch a certain official in Albany who seemed to have resigned. This made Amanda pull off the prostitution scam continue having a hope that there would be larger figure to capture. But, it all went around and now all Amanda could see that she was being trapped in her own plan.

The closure of the episode shows Dino resigning and Amanda set out on a path to discipline. As conspiracies were a major part of this episode, we could see Jamie`s partner also being perplexed. It all turned out that the marriage was all a made up thing as the groom was pretty much gay and had been earlier caught on tape getting on a spree with other men.

He got married to his fiancé in the urge of staying the United States and hiding the truth of his sexuality. His fiancé was never kept under the sheets she was aware of the truth and was just trying to protect him. Jamie and Eddie are invited to the after party.

This TV series is a complete detective fiction drama series, which has completed its 11th season successfully and would be back with its 12th season very soon.

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