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Crime Patrol Dastak 7th September 2014 Written Updates

Today’s Episode of Crime Patrol Dastak 7th September 2014 started with :- ‘Inhuman’ takes us to a village in Kanpur.  Sakshi and her friend Gauri walk back home from their schools. They plan to meet up in the evening and separate. Sakshi’s mother Kaachi has an altercation with Babli while standing in line for water. Saakshi intervenes on Kaachi’s behalf and Babli defames her family.  Saakshi and Kaachi walk away in disgust.

At the doctor’s office, a medical examination reveals Babli and her husband cannot have children. When the doctor suggests adoption or fertility treatments, Babli’s husband disagrees, saying the villagers would ridicule them.

Sakshi’s brother Vijay accidentally hits a cricket ball into Babli’s house. Babli accuses him of thievery. Sakshi intervenes and asks Babli to get out to which the latter threatens her with dire consequences.

Babli’s mother in law Anupama Chaachi has great respect among the villagers. She regularly performs prayers with a tantric for Babli to conceive.  Babli faces immense pressure to this. Her anger towards also Sakshi also grows day by day.

Next morning, Kaachi goes out, leaving Saakshi and Vijay alone. When she returns in the evening, Vijay is playing outside with his friends. Kaachi cannot find Sakshi in the house. She searches outside as well in vain. A search in Gauri’s house also yields nothing.

When Saakshi doesn’t return by night as well, Kaachi and her brother register a police complaint. The police start searching the village and inquire several villagers. They also inquire Babli and Anupama who feign ignorance. The police feel that Sakshi has run away with a boy.

At home, Kaachi, her brother and Vijay are devastated as night falls. Late at night, Vijay hears someone digging in the backyard and goes to investigate. He sees Babli brother in law and his wife burying something. They run away after seeing him.

Vijay reveals this to Kaachi who calls the police. They arrive the next morning and dig up the site to find Sakshi’s body. The police find Babli’s house locked and manage to arrest the family at the bus depot. An inspection of their house reveals that a black magic ritual had been performed there earlier.

Upon interrogation, Babli reveals that they had kidnapped, raped and sacrificed Sakshi according to the words of the tantric who had ordered Babli’s husband to have sex with a virgin in order for Babli to conceive. She further reveals how the family kidnapped, killed and later, buried Sakshi in the backyard, only to flee when they were discovered by Vijay.

The episode ends by Anoop Soni revealing that Babli’s family is serving jail term while the tantric behind them is still at large. He also mentions how black magic is still prevalent in modernized India.

About Crime Patrol Dastak

An Indian crime based television series; Crime Patrol airs on Sony TV and is currently in its fourth season. The series showcases on dramatized versions of real life crimes that occurred in India. The current season of Crime Patrol is hosted by Anoop Soni and is titled Crime Patrol Dastak.

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