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Dateline: ‘Into the Wild’ Preview

The upcoming episode of Dateline will feature McKenzie Morgan, a teenager, who survived a plane crash in Wyoming. The plane crash that no one could have survived, she came out almost unscathed. The next episode will be the account of her tryst with destiny and her stroke of luck. It will definitely be an interesting watch.

Although she has come out unharmed, there definitely must be some psychological impacts. For a teenager, this could be the life changing event which will set the tone differently for the rest of her life. So make sure you tune into Dateline this Sunday.

Morgan is just eighteen year old and she has witnessed such an overwhelming thing in her life already. She said that many things happen to people but what happened to her is very rare. Not too many people come this close to death and then escape it.

The people, who know her, say that she is an extremely brave girl, and they are not surprised that she braved her way out of this situation. Although there was a lot of luck involved in her survival, coping up with the aftermaths of such a big event is not an easy thing.

The episode will be named as “Into the Wild” and will be aired on August 24, 2014. The show will feature Morgan who had boarded an airplane for the first time in her life and her first flight resulted in such a big accident. But she was extremely lucky because she not only survived it but also sustained some very insignificant injuries.

Morgan had been learning to fly and had already obtained the license for flying. She always had the passion to fly and this is the reason why she was taking the flying course. It was the first time she was flying solo when the airplane went out of control and crashed badly. She was lucky in many ways. First of all she was able to survive the plane crash. Any other day or any other time, it could have resulted in an instant death.

Secondly, the plane crash was spotted by two people who were scouting the area. Therefore, she was able to get the timely help. If she hadn’t received the timely help the story could have been entirely different.

Although this incidence is now almost a year old, the pictures of the event are still very clear in Morgan’s mind. NBC knew that this is definitely a story that should be shown to the people of United States. The story is about a brave girl who fought all odds to become a pilot. It is also the story of the girl with grit who displayed mental toughness during her days of dealing with the aftermath of the crash.

Most of the people would have quit flying after the plane crash. However, Morgan is not like others. She had no doubt at all in her mind that she will fly again. She finally got the license and started flying again after two months of the incident.

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