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Elementary: Season 2 Finale Recap

The season 2 of the contemporary American version of Sherlock Holmes comes to an end with a grand finale. We know that Holmes has started working with the MI-6. It happened because what was considered to be a regular case of homicide turned out to have some major international connections. So the British intelligence agency wants to work with the best detective ever known to solve the mystery.

But the finale was not just about solving the murder mystery. It was also about the Holmes brothers trying to get along together one more time. Sherlock and Mycroft had not been in good terms for a very long time. However, Mycroft’s brotherly love got out of the slumber and he began to make reconciliation attempts with Sherlock, his younger brother.

It is good to see some side stories playing along with the central theme of the show. In the finale we also saw that the differences between Dr. Watson and Holmes escalated over certain issues. But they had a task in hand which could not have been compromised. Therefore, they decided to park their differences for a while and get along together to solve the mystery.

Unfortunately it is Sherlock’s brother Mycroft who has been implicated in this crime and faces charges not only for murder but also for treason. While trying to get Mycroft out of this, Sherlock and Watson are drifting apart but Mycroft and Watson are coming closer.

Mycroft keeps claiming that he has been framed in this murder. However, police has the evidence in the form of his fingerprints. Sherlock is not convinced because anyone’s fingerprints can be planted anywhere. Sherlock senses that Mycroft’s life could be in danger. He makes out that his car is rigged and he is right. They try to open the car from a distance and it explodes.

Sherlock, Mycroft and Joan come to a library which they decide to convert into their hideout. Sherlock also informs Mycroft that he has told MI-6 about his fingerprints at the crime scene. Sherlock knows very well that his brother has been framed in this murder. However, since he is working for MI-6 he has to go by their rules. MI-6 still believes that Sherlock is on their side and he continues to put up the act of searching his brother on their behalf.

In the meanwhile, Joan is also worried about her safety and she decides to move out of Sherlock’s apartment. However, Sherlock pleads her to stay and offers a very intense apology for his behavior. Joan finally accepts his apology and decides to stay.

As the episode concludes, Joan and Sherlock are able to find some solid evidences against Sharington. However, to their dismay, it is revealed that NSA has already got hold of him and will be executed. However, this further puts Mycroft’s life in danger.

Therefore, NSA devices a plot staging murder of Mycroft ensuring that he is not chased any further by the criminals. In the end Joan finally leaves Sherlock’s. We also see Sherlock getting a permanent employment with MI-6.

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