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All About Googles Daydream VR (virtual reality)

All About Daydream Googles VR (virtual reality)

aaaa bbbb The world of vision technology has changed a lot in the recent days. There are many people now interested to view their pictures in high quality and because of this fact, there are a number of high definition televisions and viewing devices came into existence. The thrill has gone even a level higher in the past years after the advancement of 3D viewing options in most of the televisions. Earlier there are many people interested to watch some of the movies only in the theaters for the experience of a sort of virtual reality. The real aim of the 3D videos when it came into existence for the first time for people is to make sure that they are providing a real life like experience for people. In the recent days, this has been taken up to the aspects of perfect clarity and high definition as there are many sharp transitions in the picture can be experienced with the help of the virtual reality videos. There is amazing range of high quality videos now available in the range of 3D movies which now came to the televisions. Most of the LED and advanced screens are now capable of showing up some of the high quality videos which people can get the same kind of experience that they will get when they are sitting in a theater and.

Daydream Googles VR

The perception of people became even wider in the recent days that there are many people now interested to see some of the high quality videos in their mobile screen. There are some of the technologies that are now available in the market with some of the manufacturers who implement the concept of virtual reality for viewing 3D quality movies in the mobile screen. The so called high quality videos can be viewed with the help of the standalone modules that are being provided by the manufacturers themselves.

Now the concept of virtual reality has been levitated to the next level by the giant Google in the recent days. Although the card board initiative by Google has been the whistleblower for the latest technology in the world of display, they have now seemed to be refined more in this concept and they seem to be coming up with even more better and innovative solutions that can take it to the next level. With the help of revolutionary concept of Daydream, it is now very easy for people to view videos and play games with the real world like situation and make sure that they are getting a better viewing experience in all aspects for a better level of entertainment.

The unknown facts about Google’s Virtual Reality Cardboard are listed in the below mentioned table.

S.No Unknown Facts of Google’s Cardboard VR Detailed Explanation
1 Bigger DLX Version Though, Google’s cardboard comes with smaller in size, but DLX version of this VR is little bit bigger than everyone’s imagination. Capable of using for any presentations.
2 Installation of 3D Glasses Google’s Cardboard VR comes with the inclusion of 3D glasses along with supreme DLX version.
3 Price Factor Since, Google’s VR comes with low cost materials price factor is way cheaper when compared with other VR headsets.

Impact created by Google’s VR

At the time when Google has announced about the initiatives of Daydream, there are many people thought that it will be just a concept and it will never be implemented in the market as a product. There are many of such projects being undertaken by Google and most of them were either dropped or they are not being renovated. This is not going to be the case in Daydream as they have many plans to make sure that they are coming into the market. Although some of the giants like Samsung has already came up with the concept of virtual reality in their higher end mobile phones, they are not actually providing anything else better than just viewing the videos. The concept that Daydream will introduce is not the same kind of thing that is currently available in the market. It is the brand new concept of delivering all contents of a mobile screen in the virtual reality and to make sure that they are providing better quality services which directly involves the real world picture of what is going to happen.

As an example case, we can imagine of playing a game in Daydream as we will be playing in the world where we can see the real character of the game running or doing some of the activities in front of us rather than just viewing them in the mobile screen as a static and 2D object. To make it work in this way, it is not an easy task that Google can just visualize with their pre initiative of card board project. This Daydream is not just a concept or any imitative, it is rather a product that will be able to provide better services for people operating most of the mobile phones. The virtual reality headset will be just like a crown on the surface of the head that will do all magic.

Below illustrated table highlights the benefits of using Google’s Virtual Reality Cardboard headset.

S.No Advantages of using Google VR Detailed Explanation
1 Low Cost Product Google VR – Daydream cardboard available at low cost that one can’t imagine. Owning to that, it gain so much of popularity among the virtual screen lovers. The material which Google use for manufacturing was easily recyclable and low cost materials.
2 High Number of Marketers There’s no doubt among having high numbers of marketers for the product launched by tech giant Google, and as a result availability of Google cardboard VR getting increasing day by day.
3 Easy Installation Google VR Cardboard – comes with the easiest and simplest setups which can done by normal people who don’t want to be tech savvy.

Daydream – The Next Generation

Most of the modern phones that are being manufactured by Google allied company Motorola will be having this feature enabled and it is not yet disclosed about how they are going to take up this product to other range of mobiles that are not having this feature enabled. To put an end to these questions, Google itself comes with a solution that they will be providing an additional controller along with Daydream to make sure that people can do thing they want with the help of the controller in a much better manner. rather than just delivering a product, Google has came up with a whole new initiative that will also serve as a platform for all features that need to be implemented in the form of virtual reality. Thus Daydream is a great leap in the next generation mobile phones which will also become a grand success like how they developed android as the only operating system for advanced smart phones. As of now, there is no specific date given by Google about the launch of the Daydream. The whole world is waiting for this, but the reply from Google is very simple that they simply mention it as fall of 2016. As nothing is being disclosed from the end of Google about Daydream, it is quite difficult for market experts to predict the price of Daydream when it is for sale in the market. In most of the cases, it will be lesser than the VR products that are available in the market now.

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