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Hello Ladies Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

Hello Ladies had a very short life on the TV. The show was canceled after a total of 8 episodes. To be fair to the fans though, the producers made sure to leave no loose ends and gave a satisfactory ending to the viewers. The show started as a dark comedy, focusing on the lives of Stuart and his friends, roaming around the city in desperate search for love and partnership. It is one of those sitcoms that showed the dark sentimentalism at its best in an effortless manner.

Hello Ladies

In the final episode; ‘The Drive’, Stuart is shown partying with his friends, looking for his perspective date. As the episode moves forward, Wade is planning to stalk his ex-wife, when Stuart acts as the sensible friend and pushes him realize that its time Wade moves on, but this act is what makes Wade mad at him. Later a scene shows Wade and Jessica wandering in the streets while Stuart is enjoying the party life.

Stuart finally manages to find the hot model he had been lusting over lately but when he gets to know about Wade’s situation, he chooses to be the better man and rushes to his friend’s moral support. What became of the model shall remain a mystery. These decisions may sound noble but the way they were depicted, it seemed more like a play and ripped off the natural charisma of the show.

The finale made it seem like the producers were trying too hard to cover the loose ends to end the show on good terms, which affected the presentation of the episode. Hello Ladies was a unique show and the perspective of the writers had great impact on the viewers, but the finale could have been more comedic and less intense to wind up the series as a romantic comedy.

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