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Hitler Didi A Zee TV Daily Serial

Hitler Didi has already winded up and its last episode was aired on 2nd August 2013. Here is how the finale of the show concluded.In the first scene it is shown that Munna has come back from the interview. He is not very upbeat thought. In fact, he is rather upset that he has not been able to get the job he was seeking. He is extremely frustrated at this more so because he feels that everyone else is being given preference over him because his reputation has been tarnished.

Hitler Didi

His wife is not very happy to hear this and makes a sly remark that perhaps it is not in her fate to see her husband making money for the family. Indu is also there and she understands the frustration of the husband and wife. She tells her that she should not worry this much. There is always time for everything and in time things will get sorted out.

However, Vanraj does not seem to be getting any consolation from Indu’s words. He says that it is his fate and things will not be fine. He says that Indu may not want to stay here any longer and can go back. However, there is a new plan hatching in Indu’s mind. She has had a dream once that Jhumpa is sleepwalking in his dreams and going to the old shop and getting it started all over again. Although the idea is not well met initially but later it is agreed upon.

The show takes a leap of a few months in the last episode and Indu is inaugurating the shop by cutting the ribbon. Indur is extremely happy that his shop has been reopened. He is very grateful to Indu because it is her who has made his dreams come true again.

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