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Kahi Unkahi Pakistani Tv Serial

The serial highlights the famous quote “Generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need.” By Khalil Gibran. It shows how pride takes away all that you have and generosity gives you more than what you already have. This was a story written by Naadia Akhter, directed by Asim Ali and featured on Zindagi television channel. The story revolves around two families who are from a high society background and how they raise their children.

It introducing a business man Kamal Nazimi who is assisted by his friend Parvez. Kamal is married to Saira and has two son named Ansal and Sheheryar (also known as sherry). Then comes a girl named Zoya, who is the daughter of Kamal’s driver. She loses her mother at birth and is then been taken care by Saira who enrols her in the same school as Sherry’s. Staying close to each other the children develop a close friendship.

Parvez, Kamal’s friend is married and has two children named Anam a girl child and Zeeshan a male child. They have been brought up as spoilt brats by their mother and have been that money is everything and that poor people are their servants.

When Parvez learns about Sherry and Zoya’s friendship, he gets it to Kamal’s notice. Kamal immediately orders his wife to get Zoya removed from Sherry’s school. He accuses Zoya of snatching Sherry’s good future. When Saira refuses to obey Kamal, he sends Sherry abroad to study at his sister in law’s place.

Years pass by, Zoya matures into an intelligent girl, enters medical college and tutors children and Sherry returns home. She ignores Sherry on her father’s instruction because of Kamal. Sherry becomes friends with Anam, which makes her feel that Sherry likes her and she proposes Sherry. Ansal with his parents’ consent marries Maryam who is very understanding unlike Ansal who is a mirror image of his father.

However Sherry starts noticing Zoya around and realizes that he loves Zoya and rejects Anam’s proposal. This rejection is not taken well by Anam and Kamal who immediately order’s the driver to leave. Sherry also leaves in search of Zoya and on finding her he convinces her dad to give him one chance to keep Zoya happy.

While Sherry has gone, Anam tries to commit suicide. This infuriates Zeeshan who in a fit of anger shoots Ansal for which he is given a death sentence and Parvez gets a paralytic attack.

Sherry unaware of this, returns back in the hope that his father will accept Zoya this time. But instead his father asks him to marry Maryam who is pregnant. Sherry accepts it but Maryam refuses to marry him and requests Kamal to accept Zoya as his daughter in law. Kamal agrees and they get married.

Meanwhile, Zeeshan’s mother keeps begging for her son’s forgiveness. Not to forget that “forgiveness is the best revenge”, on Zoya’s advice Maryam forgives Ansal. The story ends here giving us one simple message that poverty or richness does not get love or kindness.

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