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Laut Aao Trisha 4th September 2014 Episode 33 Written Updates

Laut Aao Trisha 4th September 2014 Episode 33 Written Updates.

Sonali chides Kabeer for doubting the family. He in turn calls and asks Amrita to remain courageous to which she asks him to arrest even Pratik in case he is found guilty.

While sharing an intimate moment, Lavanya tries to move away from Prem, citing that they would not be able to keep their relationship a secret for long. Prem questions her relationship with Kushan, but Lavanya claims to care only for her family. Prem twists her arm and says she is doing this to save her name.

The sound of the doorbell prompts Lavanya to hide while Prem opens the door to find Prateik standing outside. Pratiek comes in and starts talking about his affair with Neha, shocking Lavanya. When he senses someone inside the house, Prateik demands to know who it is.

Prem’s denial angers Pratik who leavers. Lavanya demands to know about Pratik’s ongoing affair with Neha and its after effect on Amrita. But Prem feigns ignorance and says it is not an affair.

Vivan asks Amrita to accept him, but she refuses. She warns that if she comes to know that he was behind Trisha’s kidnapping, then even God would not be able to save him.

Sonali is seen throwing the gifts which Nikhil gave to her and also tearing their photos.  She is devastated and inspite of Nikhil trying to console her, all she wants is loneliness.  Nikhil walks out.

During a conversation, Amrita tells Pratik about a prayer meeting in Trisha’s college. Pratik gets a call from someone who laughingly mocks that he would not be able to get Trisha back so soon.

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Having suffered a panic attack, Vivan is searching for drugs when Gaurav spots him. He tries to stop Vivan in vain. When Sonali intervenes, Gaurav shouts at her, enraging Vivan who then storms out.

Lavanya meets Amrita and asks about changes in Pratik’s behavior. Pratik appears and accuses Lavanya of being manipulative. Lavanya’s reply arouses Amrita’s suspicion.

Kabeer’s officer is doubtful of the handwritings matching. When asked for another sample of Vivan’s handwriting, Kabeer states that it would not be easy. Kabeer is informed by Abhay about blood stains being found on Swayka’s clothes.

Amrita goes to Trisha’s room and prays for her. She then attends the prayer meeting in the latter’s college. Trisha’s teacher consoles her.

Lavanya fights with Neha and Prem stops them. Lavanya says she is concerned about Amrita. Pratik overhears them and Lavanya changes the topic. Neha apologizes, but Lavanya wants her fired. She leaves the room when Pratik refuses.

About Laut Aao Trisha

Laut Aao Trisha first aired on Life Ok channel on 21st July 2014. The television serial has Bharyashree Patwardhan in a pivotal role, and is been loosely based on the American television show called ‘Missing’ which focuses on a missing girl and her journey back to her parents.  The show has become quite popular with its plots and has been able to draw lot of emotional quotient from many household viewers in India.

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