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Mom’s Season One Finale ends on an emotional note

The very first season of the Mom sitcom series ends with the finale which they called “Smokey Taylor and a Deathbed Confession.”  It definitely was one of the finest finales that any first season of any sitcom series may have seen.  Chuck Lorre has a fair amount of experience with the sitcoms now after hits like “The Big Bang Theory” and “Two and a Half Men” and it shows in the finale of Mom.

We all know that the lead character of this series has been a drug and alcohol addict but for past one year she has remained sober.  She is having a tough time though because the desire to get back to the addiction keeps coming back.  She has strong urges to drink but finally she manages not drink.   In this episode she mentions that she had felt she shouldn’t have quite drinking but then she realizes that it was the best decision to make.

Smokey Taylor was mainly about nostalgia and rolling back into the past memories.  Christy remembers those days of immaturity when she made a terrible mistake and ended up being pregnant at the age of 16.  That was the tender age when Christy’s daughter Violet was born.  Now that Violet is going through the same situation at the same age as Christy was, she is a little worried.

The finale was also partially devoted to Alvin’s recovery from the heart attack which she suffered in the last episode.  Alvin, Christy’s mother, is surely a large-hearted woman taking her illness on the stride.  It is good to see all the family members getting close together and bonding over Alvin’s illness.

Although it gets a little maudlin sometimes it is always nice (and by all means works too) to see the emotions blending with comedy.   Not every producer can achieve this unless they have a great deal of experience.

The biggest attraction of the finale was the emotional aspects of Violet and her baby.  Violet delivers her baby in the same hospital where Alvin is recovering from heart attack.  She has been in the state of emotional confusion for the entire season.  She did not want to give up her baby for adoption to the Taylor family because she had thought she will not be able to depart from it.  She had even made up her mind about it and therefore Christy had informed the Taylor family that they will not get the baby.

However, Violet later changes her mind and decides to give the baby up.  Christy feels that Violet doesn’t necessarily have to depart with her baby.  However, it was the need of the time and the choice had been made.

The finale ended on an emotional note where Christy finally reconciles with her mother – partially because of being emotionally influenced by her heart attack and partially because of being witness to her daughter’s pains.

Chuck Lorre has mastered the comic art.  However, those who have followed The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men will know that there is very little display of emotions in his shows. This one is definitely different.

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