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NY Med: Season 2 Finale Recap

If you missed the finale of NY Med that aired on August 06, 2014 here is the recap of what happened. The finale starts with Robert Campagna who is extremely worried because he is not able to breathe properly lately. He doesn’t have any smoking problems as such but he has something to worry about. His two other brothers had died of lung cancer; he doesn’t want to be the third one.

So he decides to see the best lung surgeon of New York. He sets up an appointment with Dr. Nasser Altorki. Dr. Altokri is the best because he knows exactly how to deal with lungs and has treated many patients in the past. As you may expect, there is quite a lot of family drama when Robert starts fearing that he might also have lung cancer. He has a family that he is not willing to leave at this stage.

In another scene something less serious (than lung cancer) is happening. Dr. Amy Caggiula, by no means is any less talented than the other doctors around but she doesn’t have the kind of experience at this time. She has to take care of a small surgery which should get finished in less than an hour.

There is a young girl who is not able to take out the ring off her finger. Dr. Caggiula is supposed to do the job for her. But she is worried and sweating because she is afraid that things might go wrong and the young lady might lose her finger.

It’s a medical drama and there is no way troubles will stop happening. In another scene one of the lead doctors of the show Raisa Durrani (fairly inexperienced) is having a hard time with a senior doctor. There is a patient who had to undergo some tests and he had to stay completely empty stomach. The junior doctors and nurses were instructed but someone makes the mistake and gives the patient some juice to drink. This makes the senior doctor angry and Durrani has no explanation to offer.

The finale of season 2 of NY Med doesn’t end yet. It cannot end unless Dr. David Livingston has made an appearance. Mr. Livingston is a veteran doctor who is not very good with words when it comes to motivating his juniors. He often ends up discouraging them and making them scared of the entire medical practice. But everyone knows that he has a very big heart and he is always there to take care of the patients.

In one of the closing scenes he is seen dealing with a baseball player. The player has sustained some serious injuries and he wants to get treated quickly for his next match. Dr. Livingston examines him and immediately figures out that he will not be able to play for a long time.

NY Med is one of the most critically acclaimed shows of the recent times. It is not only popular with the critics but also the favorite of the viewers. It has received highest number of viewership recently.

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