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Pavitra Rishta 11th Oct 2014 updates

In the opening scene of the latest episode Teju is talking to Savita and telling her how he feels that Ankita and Ashi are similar to each other in several ways. While Savita doesn’t give any reaction to that, Rushaali is not very happy to hear that. In fact, she is a little annoyed and says that they don’t see things very clearly; the two are not similar in any way. However, Nareen takes Teju’s side and says that she also sees that the two are quite alike. Since no one is taking Rushaali’s side, see gets even more upset and storms out of the room.

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The scene continues with Nareen talking to Ankita. He says he is sorry about the fact that the mother is fonder of Ashi and not her. But he does tell Ankita that she is a very good natured girl and there are very few people who will give up everything for the people they love. He also says that he is very grateful to her for the things she has done for him and he will always remember it.

In the next scene at around midnight Nareer accidentally runs into Ankita while talking on the phone. Ankita gets scared by his sudden presence. She couldn’t keep control of herself. She trips and both of them fall on the ground with Ankita on the top. It seems that they have lost sense of time and circumstances and get lost into each other. As expected, Pari enters the scene and sees them together snuggled into each other. She sarcastically says that both of them make a good pair and they should allow their relationships to grow. She then sneers at Ankita and says she is doing a fine job trying to pull Nareen away from her.

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