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Rod Man becomes the new winner of the Last Comic Standing

No matter how you will rate the entire season of Last Comic Standing, but towards the end it did become the stage for one of the best shows of standup comedy.  The entire season has been a fun to watch but the finale was the best of all.   All the three comedians who had survived for this finale were in their top form.   Not only did the audience have a great time but the judges too had a wonderful time.  They just could not stop laughing.  Russell Peters, who has been the brand ambassador of comedy for a long time was one of the judges.

From the beginning till the end the finale was just outstanding.  The finale got the start you would expect from the finale of the world class comedy show.  The entry of the three comedians itself was phenomenal.  The three final contestants were not only the participants but the star for the day.  The three finalists were Rod Man, Nikki Carr and Lachlan Patterson.  Just like the other episodes, the contestants got rolling presenting their best comic acts in front of the judges.  Evidently, each contestant has evolved and has sharpened the comic acumen.

The first one to get started was Lachlan Patterson.  It will not be an exaggeration to say that he beat everyone else down with his act of comedy in the first set.  Just like others, he has evolved too but it seems he has evolved the most.  Patterson has developed some clear sense of comic timing and his delivery is near perfect.

The next one to come to the stage in front of the judges was Nikki Carr.  When we have to rate something like a comic act, the choices become very subjective.  Carr too performed exceptionally well but it will be difficult to say if his act was really as good as Patterson’s.  However, one can safely say that the finale performance of Carr was by far the most impressive act of the entire season.  The problem with Carr has been that he hardly looked spontaneous.  Most of his acts looked like well practiced.  But the finale performance was not like any of his other performance.

In the end it was Rod Man who took everyone by storm.  He entered the scene in his usual self and even before he started performing, there were smiles on the face of the audiences as well as the judges.  The best thing about Rod has been that he picks up his stories for the comic act from the real life.  This gives a good deal of personal touch and this is the reason why he has been the favorite of the viewers and the judges alike.  There was a prank played by the host of the show when he stated that Rod Man will not make it to the final two.  However, it was later declared that it was just a prank and he is the part of the last two.

In the end, it was the best who won this year’s finale.  Rod Man was the unanimous choice and he well deserved it.

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