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Rookie Blue: Season 5 Finale Recap

Rookie Blue has completed its 5 seasons now and the way the Finale happened was definitely something to watch out for.  The finale of season 5 was named as “Everlasting” and it was one of the most eventful episodes of this season.   They producers were planning to divide season 5 in two parts but eventually it was split into two seasons.  The next part of the season will be season 6 to be aired in 2015.

So what exactly happened in the finale that lasted for two hours?  If you missed it out on August 6, there is a spoiler alert for you.  The finale was a completely thrilling and mind boggling end to the season.

When you are watching a show like this one, sometimes you have to close your eyes to some of the most glaring flaws in the plot.  Why?  Because the overall impact of the show is much greater than the pains of keeping the lingering thoughts of some misses.

If you watched the last episode you will know that there was a massive explosion which might have even given some hard bruises to superman.  However, the superwoman of the show Andy remains completely unharmed.  How is that so?  Well don’t try to make guesses because you will never be able to figure that out.

The best part was that even her police uniform remains completely intact.  So there was no skin show too.  Alright she is the central character of the show and there is no way she is getting KIA but there is got to be something realistic about the things.  We are watching a police drama and not some superhero movie.  There are always emotional touches to the police story all the time.  Sam is absolutely delighted and virtually in tears when he finds out that Andy is unharmed in the explosion.

There have been some Holly Gail moments too in the season (it’s Holly Gail and not Holy Grail).  Gail and Holly also share some wonderful moments in this episode.  It looked like Gail has been in search of Holly all the while.  Holly had been planning to move to Africa but eventually decides against it.  We also find out that Gail is not pregnant and so there is nothing much to worry about at that front.

Shaw too had some fine moments in this episode.  There is a real threat lurking with quite a good amount of explosives missing and there is a suspect who is also at large.  The suspect must be captured and convicted before there is any further damage to the city.  The suspect is, of course, none other than Ted who had lost his child in one of the bombings.  He figures out that some top-shots of the police department had some role to play in that bombing.  So he decides to avenge on them by strategically planting the bombs at places which will kill the kids of the police officers.

Eventually Ted’s plan is foiled and everything is hunky-dory again; for how long we don’t know.

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