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Running With Bear Grylls Season 1 Episode 4 ‘Tom Arnold’

We are providing the written update of Running With Bear Grylls Season 1 Episode 4 TOM ARNOLD. As Bear Grylls takes Tom Arnold today with him to the wild, his main purpose is to see who the real Tom is. Even though Tom doesn`t feel like it, he gets into the helicopter and as they land into the forest, he asks if they were to follow a path to which Bear replies that they need to make one on their own. Since they have no idea of the distance from the point where they were standing to the bottom, they struggle hard during which Tom falls over to the bottom, much to his amazement.

Tom starts telling him how he had been married four times and as he`s had a baby this time he knows it isn`t about him anymore and Bear slides down a pile of mud telling how much his kids love doing the same.

As Tom goes down next they discover a trout in the water which they catch and take out it`s eye and keep it with them as it`s a great catch. As they have to cross the river through a small log, Bear manages to pass whereas Tom took a lot of time while crossing it and can`t believe it when he makes it to the other side.

Tom mentions how during his tough times the rehab did so much good to him and now that he has a family, they seem to make him stay on the good path. He goes to sleep after he finds a chocolate that he eats.

The next morning, after getting a cup of tea from Bear, Tom seems to be doing fine. They now have to cross the river which seems tough but he trusts Bear and they hold hands and make through it towards the extraction site which seems close. Tom is proud to get through this and believes it was the best anti-depressing activity.

Now it`s time to go down the cliff and into the water for both Bear and Tom. As Tom is afraid, he prepares to go down first on his own. He is afraid of heights and gets very nervous when he needs to do something like this. As it`s windy, he loses his grip and falls but he is brave enough to get back up on his feet and make his way down, all on his own. He reaches the bottom and he has this feeling of satisfaction and pride on his face.

Bear, on the other hand was used to all this and swishes down the cliff and into the water in one go. Tom was glad and thankful to have come down here and learned some tips from Bear as it did not know that he possessed this quality until now. It was more than a wonderful journey for him. They both now board an ATv and return home.

Bear Grylls has been great in this show and he focuses more on showing survival skills rather than playing other publicity games.  Normally, every week’s celebrity guests add to the overall glamour of the show.  So, its adventure with glamour!

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