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Sasural Simar Ka –Sep 3 2014 Update

Sid and Roli inform Karthik that they are from CBI and have come to raid the hospital. They invite Karthik to come outside and face his patients as well as their men. They remove his handcuffs and move out. In the parking lot, Sid threatens to throw Karthik in jail. Karthik offers him money to which Sid asks for 20 lakh rupees. He asks Karthik to bring the money at 7 o’ clock as he wants to accept the money in private.

Roli is relieved that Simar prevented Karthik and Baa from speaking to each other as he fears that would have exposed their true faces. Vikrant enters the room and Roli asks him to come along and witness Karthik handing over the bribe money. Baa agrees to come.

Upon arrival, Baa finds the lounge empty and decides to call Karthik. She asks for Kushi’s cell phone. But Roli grabs the phone and leaves before she can make the call to Karthik. Baa then tries calling him from a landline number and is confronted by Simar whom she calls Sunaina for following her like shadow. When Baa tries dialing again, Sid pulls out the telephone wire, killing the phone.

Sid tells Roli that he is going to call Karthik for the money. When Roli interjects, Sid admonishes him. Sid calls Karthik who reveals that the bribe money is ready. Sid asks him to come on time.

Shalu decorates the rooftop while Sankalp arranges the music system. Simar walks in as everyone works. Mata ji inquires about the Mehendi to Usha and the food to Khushi who reveals that she would be cooking with Sujatha and Karuna after the kids go to sleep. Mata ji then asksi Roli about Anjali. The preparations are in full swing as everyone cracks jokes with everybody else and recalls similar times. Mata ji wishes for Simar to be there.

Karthik contemplates calling Baa and explaining about the CBI raid. But he decides to pay the money first and then call Baa.

Roli claims that everyone in the house would be very happy when they come to know Simar is alive. Baa hunts for a way to get out of the house and warn Karthik about Sid’s plans.

The dances start and everyone joins in. Simar and Roli hug each other amidst tears in the middle of the dance floor. Sid keeps a tab on the time and sends a message to Roli about leaving in ten minutes. Suddenly, Baa fakes a heart attack and collapses. Mata ji suggests Vikraan to take her to Karthik’s hospital and instructs Roli and Simar to join him. They thank Baa for helping them execute their plan to perfection.

About Sasural Simar Ka

Sasural Simar Ka is an Indian television drama that is telecasted on Colors TV. The serial was first aired on 25th April 2011, and is produced by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms. It sheds light on the lives of sisters Roli and Simar who marry brothers Siddhart and Prem from the same family.

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