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Secret Life of American Teenager

Secret Life of American Teenager had a good five year run before it finally came to an end. As the graduation day came closer for these high schoolers, they all were reflecting on past memories. This too much reflection of their past covered almost half of the finale episode, leaving little room for actual ending. Unlike what the fans were expecting, the show didn’t have a happy ending for everyone. Most of the characters ended as ‘friends’ after dating on and off through the course of the show.

Secret Life of American Teenager

The biggest revelation in the finale was that Amy and Ricky did not end up together which came as quite a shock to the fans. Amy had kept changing her mind about her feelings for Ricky throughout the run of the season but now when they were about to be married, she decided that she didn’t want to end up with him at all. Not only the wedding was called off, the couple actually broke up after a rough fight.

They decided to stay friends for the sake of their son so that they could raise him together. However, surprisingly, in the last scene, Ricky was shown alone with John, and Amy had apparently left them. The show didn’t even show a proper goodbye from Amy in the finale.

As for the rest of the characters, Henry got back together with Alice, which marks a happy ending for these two. Lauren and Madison both went to Berkley as planned earlier in the show. Jack and Grace also ended up as just friends. The twisted stories had a neat end, which was not altogether expected of the show. The storyline had a long run and the plot had become very dull now so it was about time that the characters said their goodbyes to the fans.

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