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Shastri Sisters 3rd September 2014 Episode

Shastri Sisters 3rd September 2014 Episode in detail. Shastriji informs Minty that he has decided to go ahead with supporting Alka’s decision to marry Rajeev. Accordingly, he discusses the matter with Sareen, where upon Sareen informs him that Rajeev has been in town for over a month.

All this for Alka, which Sareen feels, the boy is genuine in his intentions. Shastriji meets Rajeev and reconfirms the boy’s seriousness of intent to marry Alka. He asks Rajeev about his family and informs him that he is willing to travel to Kanpur and discuss the marriage with them.

Shastriji then informs the girls that he would depart immediately with Sareen and Anushka for Kanpur. Alka is overwhelmed, she apologies for her earlier behavior and pampers her father with the sweets he had earlier rejected.  They sisters get busy with journey preparations and soon it is time for them to leave.

Alka happens to meet Rohan when shopping for vegetables. Rohan hopes their relationship will progress, while Alka advices him to look elsewhere. At home, Minty walks in to see her curio broken and Devyani in the room. When Devyani asks her to point out her son in a photograph, Minty meanly asks her to stay grounded with developing her household skills rather than dreaming big of hooking her pilot son.

In Kanpur Pappu expects Devyani to come along too, but he is disappointed. Meanwhile Shastriji introduces Sareen to their past life in Kanpur.  Later Rajeev visits them with Rani Bhabhi. She informs them that Rajeev’s father is not happy with Rajeev’s choice. She also tells them to meet Rajiv’s father at a relative’s engagement ceremony.

Shastriji is hesitant, but agrees.  Rajeev’s father keeps the visitor’s waiting outside only to insult them, denying them hospitality and calling them gold diggers. Shastriji protests and tries to convince Rajeev’s father that the young couple genuinely loves each other. Rajeev’s father declares it is Rajeev’s decision to refuse the match.

About Shastri Sisters

The show is based on story of four sisters, Peeya, Anushka, Alka and Devyani who live in Kanpur and the story takes a turn while they are all migrating to a new city altogether.  The story of the show revolves around how various aspects of migration affect their life since they have lost their mother recently, and how they all work out together to cope up with the unpredictable and unpleasant situations that arise in their life.

The story is very much similar to what happens in real life situations in our smaller towns and cities and is thus well accepted by audiences, since they all can relate to it in some or the other way.  The more probable reason for the show’s popularity is the fact that it focuses on real life situation that happens around females in our society and the audiences can relate themselves to their real life incidences.

The show, which is telecasted on Colors, has gained some decent TRPs lately and we are yet to see it making some more news in the television industry.check our Shastri Sisters written episode updates

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