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Strengths Finder 2.0: Does It Really Help You Find Your Strength?

Self-help books have always found a good market at all times.  Hundreds of self-help books are written every year and many of them do become the good sellers.  Although there are hundreds of self-help books lying on the shelves still untouched, it seems that the market for such kind of writing will never go down.  Why is that so?  Because humans survive on hope; as long as they have the hope they have the reason to live.  The self-help books give hope to us that there is more to life than what it seems.  Hope sells.

People buy hope and that is why it has a market.  Gallup, one of biggest survey companies of the world, knows this.  This is the reason why they have come up with another version of their strength finder module and online assessment named Strengths Finder 2.0.

Focusing on your strength and not on your shortcoming is the premise of this book.  The book says that everyone has shortcomings but if you want to succeed in life then stop focusing on what is wrong with you, start finding out what is or what could be right in you.  Success is not about fixing our weaknesses but it is about finding and building the strength.  The book is all about figuring out how to find your strengths and then how to apply them.

The book also says that most of us believe we know our talents and skills and we work on them all our life.  However, all along we fail to understand why our heart doesn’t take the same path as our career.  This is because we condition ourselves to believe that what we are doing is what we can do the best and there is nothing more to life.  The book adds that most of the people are not able to discover their real skills where they can apply their hearts.  As per Gallup, the Strength Finder assessment will help the readers build their strengths.

The compilation looks just fine in theory.  This is the case with almost all the self-help books.  It is the application of the theory where either most of the books or most of the people fail.  The theories and principles taught in the book are definitely worth the read.  In fact, a lot of people will feel inspired by it.  But the question is – how long can the inspiration live?

It also seems to be more or less like a curriculum for Gallup’s online test on finding strengths.  Although the content is just fine, it is not exceptional or new.  A lot of books have been written with similar content.  To take the assessment you will need to buy the book.  The book comes with the access code which allows you to participate in the online assessment.  The only problem is that you will need to buy as many copies of the book as the number of people willing to take the assessment.  With one code you can take the assessment only once.

It is not sure how much this book will help the readers, but it sure has helped Gallup a great deal.  They have already made $100 million through the book sale.

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