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Taxi Brooklyn: Season one episode 9 – Double identity recap

Season One of Taxi Brooklyn has already aired its finale in France. However, in United States it has only aired 9 episodes and there are 3 more to go. The last episode was aired on August 20 and was titled as “Double Identity”. The story goes something like this.

Eight episodes had been aired before this one and the viewers have already started feeling that Leo is in love with Caitlin or simply “Cat.” But Cat is definitely not into Leo, at least not at this time. Although Leo is becoming very obvious about his feelings (for the viewers and not Cat) for Cat but it doesn’t look like he has any chance there.

Leo is definitely a guy with the big heart and he keeps proving it all the time. He is a cab driver and of course not very rich but doesn’t mind giving free rides to people. Especially the people he care for or admires, his cab is always there for them. Take the case of Frankie. She may hop in to his cab once in a while and she can go wherever she wants without having to worry about the bill.

Frankie takes yet another ride in Leo’s cab and drops her off midway. Leo is surprised why she would not go home. He asks her to be careful and Frankie, as usual, is nonchalant. She says that the place is safe. But she may not have even completed her sentence when a car drives past her and shoots a woman. Frankie is frantic and calls up the police while Leo chases after the shooters. However, shooters are clever and they manage to lose Leo.

Now we see some screen space taken by Cat. She starts finding more about the woman who had been shot. She later finds out that the victim is Fernanda. Fortunately Fernanda survives and Cat feels lucky as she may get some lead on the case. But she is up for some disappointment because Fernanda says she knows nothing. It was clear that she is trying to hide something. It was a well planned attack and the target was none other than Fernanda.

Things start to get complicated from here. Fernanda links lead to Machado, the man who had sponsored her. However, Machado said he sponsored her only because a friend had requested. Cat and Leo try to find more from Machado but he is being shot and killed by some unknown people. FBI gets involved in the case and they blame Cat for Machado’s death. Cat is finally told that she has been released from the case.

Cat and Leo discreetly continue the investigation. They find out that Fernanda had applied for the VISA with a fake name. Further investigation reveals that she had served as a detective in Venezuela. Things begin to mess up even more when Fernanda runs away from the hospital where she was being treated.

If you haven’t watched the episode, the rest of the story will be the spoiler for you. Many things unfold as the investigation proceeds further.

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