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Thakan written by Faiza Iftikhar is a story of a strong woman named Sadaf who believes in achieving her goal by hard work and prayers. She is the only earning member of the family after her father’s death due to which her mother does not want to marry her. She becomes selfish and greedy forgetting the fact that there is very thin line between loving life and being greedy. Sabah has three siblings of which Her elder sister gives birth to four children’s and dies, Her younger sister exploits her and wants to marry her lover and her brother a college dropout keeps taking money from her by saying he needs it for his college. But as said there is one angel in every house, that person is Sabah’s grandfather. He is the only soul who loves her.

When she searches for jobs, people look at her disrespectfully and also sometimes passes bad comments. She yet continues to fight and finally falls in love with a boy whom she looks forward to get married to. But soon she realizes that he wants to marry her so that she can earn and feed him! She loses hope and turns back to her family where she soon realizes how her mother has been lying to everyone about her due to which all her proposals are rejected. Completely broken at heart she visits a social worker who promises to marry her to a good man.

She gets Sabah married to her son who is a divorcee with two children. Even after marriage her husband does not accept her and treats her like an outsider. But good always wins over the evil and hence Sabah’s good nature is soon visible in front of her husband who starts getting closer to his wife. The children starts accepting her in the place of their mother. Meanwhile Sabah’s mother for money keeps following her and asks for help. In frustration she even gets her younger daughter married to her son in law so she could take care of the four children.

As it is said “a women cannot share a man”, the social worker when realizes that her son is getting affectionate towards Sabah she starts creating confusion between the two by causing small fights. But the husband soon realizes and believes his wife which ends the story sending us a small message every goal can be achieved if you fight for it in the right way.

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