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While we all have laid our eyes on The Big Bang Theory’s next season (the 8th season), how about replaying the memorable finale of Season 7?

For almost every show, the journey depicts a roller coaster ride and so did it for The Big Bang Theory. The last episode undoubtedly left us all with mixed feelings.

I assume we all were left hanging at this same point, lets replay it.

It’s late and he is alone with his thoughts, sitting upset in a train. He seems to be on his way to somewhere but hey, where?

Sheldon, Oh poor Sheldon!

Coping with a highly effective yet optimistic variable – The CHANGE!                                   

Being a scientist he must have had the idea of changing behavior of any variable that, well that it varies. We saw a whole new side of Sheldon Cooper, a matured one in this last episode. He had it all bad from being stuck with string theory, even though he now wished to pursue inflationary cosmology (a highly intellectual term) to the time he heard the news of Leonard and Penny getting engaged who now wanted to live together.

The only solution he could think of that moment was, RUN AWAY! He did run away but to where we don’t have any idea. While first Leonard and Penny thought of convincing him to come back home but later they also discovered that it’s best to let Sheldon go.

It’s going tough!

Well, Howard and Bernadette had a really tough time when the nurse quit. Even Penny gave up despite being offered money. Yes, you hear it right! She let go the opportunity of earning money when it was just right in front of her (yeah a little exaggeration over here).

But it won’t be wrong to say that a lot had changed, A Lot! But at last God showered his kindness once again and the comic shop went on fire, ruining everything. Now Stuart was forced to take care of Howard’s mother. What a miracle! Shop burnt, problem solved.

It wasn’t only bad for all!

While everyone was dealing with the mysterious changes, Raj had it all good on his side. It’s hard to imagine that a guy who was always anxious while talking to a girl and let the alcohol do all the talk for him instead, got laid. How strange is that! (Strange but true).

Overall, we giggled, we got struck with few awe moments and the behavior of all the characters that drastically changed, got us amazed. It’s fun to watch all of them having fun or sometime not really enjoying the situation at all, but we definitely want to see a lot more of The Big Band Theory.

But hey, is Sheldon Cooper really gone?

Oops! There are always such possibilities but hope for the best.

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