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The Quest: Episode 3 (Saving the Queen)

Something had to be done to save the Queen. All her important people, the Grand Vizier, Ansgar and the paladins were finding out ways to save her and consequently it led to a fight amongst all of them.

As the paladins were in a tiff amongst themselves as to who would get to make a life-saving potion for the Queen, the Vizier seemed to be making no effort. He thought it was an impossible task, although he so much wanted to. The Vizier thought that it were the paladins who wanted to kill her. He believed that they weren`t planning to find a way to save her, instead they planned the opposite so he needed to keep an eye on them.

Due to lack of time, the paladins rushed to the woods with Crio with a plan to produce a potion out of Banshee blood and Dragon tears. But even the hag warned them that acquiring the ingredients won`t be easy.

A competition took place to find the key to the first door. Andrew and Patrick fly out through this challenge but the paladins and Shondo remain stuck to the ground. Former two were the ones actually competing against each other. Jim, Bonnie and Christian were awarded the bottom three places. Finally, Andrew finishes first in the competition and this is when he can save the Queen for real so he prepares the potion and runs for her help.

He enters the room and finds the Queen in pain; her body is infected as she suffered from multiple injuries. As the Vizier and Crio watch, Andrew gives the potion to the Queen and it works! She wakes up having thought that it must be the Vizier who saved her, so she starts thanking him. But on being interrupted by Crio she gets to know that Andrew saved her thus she thanked him properly. Crio later presents Andrew with a Mark of Wisdom for his heroic efforts.

The other competitors were feeling cheated and upset. They have been in the Fates Challenge many a times before and had competed against each other too. Meanwhile, Shondo motivates his roommate “Jimbo Slice” to win the game as on the other hand Christian thought he is out of luck.

Another competition stacks up of a similar kind, where Bonnie ends up winning. At the time of judgement when everyone had to vote for someone, Shondo decided to vote against Christian against the wishes of all the crew. Christian won although ”Jimbo Slice” and other people against him inside his crew tried to bring him down.

The clean-up starts now, where Crio asks everyone around to help up with the chores that needed to be done in the courtyard. As everyone leans in, the Castle Sanctum goes off and that`s when Ansgar goes out screaming that all of them were under an attack!

The show is full of excitement as well as complicacies.  To watch out what happens in the next episode, stay tuned to the episode updates.

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