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Two and a Half men: Season 11, Finale

In this episode, Alan and Gretchen prepare and officially tie the knot after Alan proposes to her. She could not ask for better. Gretchen after knowing the truth about Alan orders him to tell Larry who he really is. Alan then confesses to Larry that he had an alter ego of “Jeff Strongman” with the help of which his fiancé, Lyndsey, had cheated on him.

Gretchen came to know about Alan`s image whilst she peeked through his wallet. The reason told to Larry by Alan about making up a whole other image was to just compete with him and see why Lyndsey chose Larry over him.

When Larry gets to know about this, his reaction is not polite unlike what we expect from the preceding scenes. Although after some time he forgives him as he is his soon to be brother-in-law. Also, both Larry and Lyndsey break up with each other.

On the other hand, Walden is dealing with his issues of the heart deciding if or not he would want to be with Kate. If he goes with Kate, he`d lose Vivian, who did not carry around such a great image of him as she thought of him to be a quick lover, the ones who can`t be trusted.

He also finds out about his dad`s old car which is being put up for sale in Denver. He seemed to be close to it as it was first car. While Jenny and Barry fly down to look up at the car in Denver, Jenny finds a way to convince Walden to buy it and with that they head to L.A.

In the middle of the trip, they crash down at a motel where they decide to smoke pot to relive old memories by talking about them for some time.

Finally both Alen and Gretchen get married, regardless of whatever he lied about to Larry.  Thanks to the incidents that take place in their lives, they both are named the ‘couple of disasters ’.

Two And A Half Men is the series about a man named Charlie and his life being whirled around when his uptight brother Alan moves in with his son, Jake. After a successful round of eight episodes, Charlie Sheen`s character was made dead to introduce Ashton Kutcher as Walden Schmidt. He is divorced and is seen to have made it quite at home with the other two, who tend to get on with their lives.

With the introduction of new characters every now and then, the series become quite interesting and at the end of season nine, Jake is seen to be heading towards joining the army unit in Japan.

The tenth and eleventh season continue to be a series of linkups and breakups and more of them for both Alan and Walden. In the eleventh season, Jenny who happens to be Alan`s biological daughter, shows up.

Till we have the next season coming, let’s wait for some better and spicy performances.

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