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Udaan Sapnon Ki 3rd September 2014 Episode 13 Updates

Udaan Sapnon Ki episode written update. 3rd September 2014

The first scene sees Tejaswini coming with the new MP, Bhaiya Ji.  The new MP is welcomed by everyone and all are cheering slogans for the leader.  The new MP thanks everyone for their support and yells that the victory does not belong to him, but to all.

He thanks Tejaswini as well as his brother and also gives credit to Manohar.  However, reporters are already there for the foul play and ask questions which irritate him.  He is about to lose his temper, when Tejaswini hints him to calm down and situation is under control.

He somehow could not stop himself and explains a lady reporter his side of story.  He tries to be as rational as possible by explaining the real situations and that the reporter should talk sense before asking questions.

On the other hand, workers and servants are quite happy because of the fact that Bhaiya Ji has won and that it meant that they had good food on the day.

Bhaiya Ji goes to take blessings of Amma and is followed by Manohar.  On the way, he meets Amma and tries to touch her feet.  Amma asks him not to touch her feet as they would get dirty and steps back.  Bhaiya Ji touches the ground where she was standing instead and leaves.

Bhaiya Ji has to go for the victory celebrations and asks Amma to come with him.  But she is not really happy with this victory as she feels that his victory is not the victory of truth and she would celebrate on the day when truth triumphs.

The pooja starts and the pundits chant their mantras.  The entire family except Amma is there for the pooja.  At the same time, Harya is not feeling well and Kasturi takes him to offer him some food.  It starts raining and Harya falls off in the mud and hurts himself badly.  He is bleeding but there is no one to help Kasturi in such a bad time.

Everyone is busy in celebrations and Kasturi has no one to look up to.  At the celebration end, Bhuvan is worried about Harya.  Kasturi reaches the celebration place and tells Bhuvan what happened.  They together go and give Harya some first aid.

In the course of events, no one is able to help Kasturi and Bhuvan save Harya.  His situation is getting worse and is probably breathing his last breath.  They are also ill-treated and misguided by the pundits as they say all non-sense remedies to Kasturi and Bhuvan.

They think of meeting Bhaiya Ji at this time of distress.  But Bhaiya Ji is busy in celebrations with all the rich men of the village.  They are all busy in celebrating the success with a dancer who has been specially called for this celebration.

The further scenes depict the sorry state of Kasturi, Bhuvan and other workers by Bhaiya Ji and his associates.  To know more on what happens next with Harya, watch out for the next episode update.

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